Electrochemical functionalization of graphene

Graphene is an outstanding material, with incredible properties, but it is, still, very difficult to process and functionalize. The covalent attachment of other molecules to its honeycomb structure, as example to dope it or to make it more soluble, requires usually strong chemicals and long reaction times.
Now, researchers from ISOF institute of CNR have developed a new technique to foster the controlled functionalization of single layers of high-quality graphene obtained by Chemical Vapour Deposition, deposited on different materials such as silicon, quartz or plastic.
“The functionalization strategy exploits a combination of covalent and non-covalent chemistry, and can be performed in few seconds using tools available in any standard research lab” affirmed Emanuele Treossi, researcher at ISOF and one of the authors of the work.
The research, performed in collaboration with the Universities of Strabourg and Pavia, and the Max Planck Institute of Mainz in the framework of the GRAPHENE FLAGSHIP and UPGRADE projects, has been publisced on ACS NANO. Follow this link.