Ferroni Claudia

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2009-2012 Ph.D. degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, at the University of Bologna. Title: “Research, synthesis and characterization of compounds with antitumoral activity”. Advisor: Prof. Alessandra Bisi.
2008 License to practice pharmacy, at the University of Bologna
1999-2007 Bachelor Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology at the University of Bologna, grade 110/110 cum Laude. Title: ”Design and Synthesis of AP2238 derivatives: multi-target strategy for treatment of AD”. Advisor: Prof. Angela Rampa.
1999 Linguistic diploma, grade 100/100 at the Ist. Magistrale Statale-Indirizzo linguistico, Rieti.


Since 2015: Postdoctoral Researcher at the ISOF-CNR Biochemoinformatics Unit. Supervisor: Dr. Alberto Del Rio. “Proof of concept studies of SIRT6 inhibitors for treating type II diabetes"
2013-2015: Postdoctoral Researcher at the National Research Council (ISOF-CNR) Research Supervisor: Dr. Greta Varchi. Synthesis of small molecules with biological activity and from June 2013 till May 2014 Scientific Responsible of research agreements between CNR-ISOF and Aczon s.r.l. about research, synthesis and characterization of fluorescent dyes.
2012-2013: Researcher Co.co.pro for Aczon s.r.l. at MISO Laboratory (research, synthesis and characterization of fluorescent dyes).
2009-2010 Occasional Collaboration with Flat s.r.l. for determination of total microbial surface and air of operating rooms and kitchens.
2008-2012 Visiting Scientist at ISOF-CNR (synthesis and characterization of antitumoral compounds).
2007-2008 Fellowship Winner for Endura s.p.a. (development of a new class of insecticides).

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