Commesse (Research units)

Polimerizzazione radicalica controllata e caratterizzazione avanzata di nuovi materiali polimerici (PRACCAMPO)

La commessa svolge attività di ricerca sulla sintesi non convenzionale di nuovi copolimeri a blocchi anfifilici con la metodologia RAFT per la formazione di micelle, sulla modifica di materiali polimerici con radiazioni ionizzanti e sulla preparazione di miscele polimeriche interpenetrate (IPN). L'attività di ricerca sulla sintesi è associata allo sviluppo di metodologie avanzate per lo studio: delle cinetiche di polimerizzazione foto- e termo-iniziate di monomeri industriali, di fasi microcristalline stabili di biocompositi con difrattometria a raggi X e microdifrattometria a scansione con l'impiego di radiazione da sincrotrone, del comportamento viscoelastico con metodi termo-meccanici, reologici e spettroscopici applicati a materiali termoplastici e termoindurenti.
Coordinator: Marco Scoponi

Innovative Methodologies for Organic Synthesis (MISO)

The MISO research activity is mainly focused on the development of new and and environmentally friendly synthetic methodologies for the production of new molecular scaffolds, which have their main application in the pharmaceutical field. More recently we have initiated a new research activity concerning nanotechnology. In this regard, we are exploring its applications in the fields of medicinal chemistry (targeted drug delevery, theranostic systems), biomedical apparatus and for nano-scale polymer-assisted solution phase synthesis.
Coordinator: Mauro Panunzio

Materiali Funzionali Organici per applicazioni High Tech: sistemi molecolari, supramolecolari e bioibridi (MAFO-HT)

MAFO activity deals with the production and characterization of organic materials for technological applications in the fields of microelectronics, photovoltaics and medicine. Research activity focuses upon a wide variety of novel organic materials with electronic properties suitable for low-cost solar energy conversion and flexible-material electronics. These materials include molecular, supramolecular and biohybrid systems composed of highly conjugated molecules and macromolecules, graphene, fullerenes and bio-molecules.
Coordinator: Vincenzo Palermo

Materiali Avanzati per la COnversione di energia Luminosa (MACOL)

Our research concerns the interaction of light with molecular and supramolecular structures at different levels of complexity. By getting a deep understanding of fundamental photochemical processes, we optimize the design of photoactive systems that can be utilized for solar energy conversion or as active materials in electroluminescent devices.
Coordinator: Lucia Flamigni

Studio delle interazioni ligando-recettore in sistemi modello mediante metodi spettroscopici e fotofisici (LEGARE)

We study the interaction of small ligands and biomolecules or artificial receptors in solution using optical spectroscopic and photochemical techniques. Experimental data analysis is supported by molecular modelling involving classical and quantum chemistry methods. We further have expertise in chemical modification of biomolecules. We study fluorescent nanostructured materials with confocal time-resolved fluorescence microscopy imaging.
Coordinator: Sandra Monti

Modelli biomimetici di stress radicalico e biomarcatori correlati (BIO FREE RADICALS)

The BioFreeRadicals group perform a multidisciplinary project on free radical chemical biology, in connection with life sciences and molecular medicine, as well as nanotechnology and new materials.Knowledge on chemical reactivity, kinetics and organic synthesis are combined with competences in biochemistry, chemical biology and biological processes to create biomimetic models of free radical stress, finalized to the discovery of biomarkers and main pathways of diseases and ageing. The group have important collaborative projects based involving free radical processes on biomolecules such as DNA, lipids and proteins, that have a large applicability to the industrial developments in diagnostics and pharmaceuticals.
Dr. Carla Ferreri is the leader of the BioFreeRadicals group, acting as Principal Investigator of two European projects (Eurostars and Horizon2020) and Working Group leader in the COST Action CM1201 “Biomimetic Radical Chemistry”.
Coordinator: Dr. Carla Ferreri


The ISOF-Proambiente team deals with energy-based technologies for water rehabilitation, the so called Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs). AOPs produce a very powerful oxidant from water itself, the hydroxyl radical, which is capable to destroy almost any organic compounds up to its mineralization.
Coordinator: Alberto Zanelli