ISOF new publication on Chemistry of 2D materials

The Royal Society of Chemistry has just published a special issue on “CHEMISTRY OF 2D MATERIALS: GRAPHENE AND BEYOND”, edited by Vincenzo Palermo, director of ISOF, together with P. Samorì and X. Feng.
This collection is focussed on the use of chemical approaches to graphene and related materials towards controlled functionalization, to harness the material's fundamental properties and enhanced performance in applications in the fields of opto-electronics, energy, biomedics and sensing. It includes 29 articles from top-level scientists of the field, including a review on graphene-glial interfaces authored by ISOF researchers R. Fabbri, E. Saracino, E. Treossi, R. Zamboni, V. Palermo and V. Benfenati.
All the articles are available at the link CHEMISTRY OF 2D MATERIALS: GRAPHENE AND BEYOND